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Principal Message

Dr. Abha Agrawal ( DDO)

Dr. Abha Agrawal ( DDO)


Education is the Best way to excel in all the aspects of life...

-Dr. Abha Agrawal ( Ddo)

Welcoming everyone to the official website of SSJ Government Post Graduate College Syalde, Almora.

The college is located in Syalde Tehsil of district Almora interconnected with Kumaun and Garhwal provinces. The institution has a primary vision to educate the youth of  rural area.Syalde College was established in 1979 with an area of 5.45 hectares with a Latitude and Longitude of 29.855511˚ and 79.206517˚ respectively.

 At present the institution is known as “Surendra Singh Jeena Government Post Graduate College Syalde, Almora.”

The college accommodates two streams Science and Arts, with 75% female students. The New Education Policy (NEP) 2020 is implemented in the college from 2023.

I along with the entire staff are dedicated to enrich our students with core academic knowledge, extra-curricular activities, moral values and character development so that they nourish as self-dependent and responsible citizens of the Nation. We also have a proper management for  timely redressal of their grievances.

A determined and passionate association of our faculty members and non-teaching staff builds the backbone of our institution.

I warmly welcome all to move on this wholesome journey with us.