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WOMEN Empowerment CELL

A women's cell is a dedicated department or group that works to promote the safety, well-being, and empowerment of female students. This may include providing resources and support for issues such as sexual harassment, domestic violence, and discrimination, as well as organizing events and activities that promote gender equality and women's rights. The cell may also work to ensure that the college's policies and procedures are inclusive and equitable for women. Additionally, it serves as a point of contact for students to report incidents of harassment or discrimination and provides support for the victims of such incidents. The ultimate goal of the women's cell is to create a safe and inclusive environment for all female students to pursue their education and reach their full potential.

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Dr. Hema

Dr. Hema


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Women Self - Defense 2019 December

Women Self -Defense Workshop 

  • Incharge police ( Bhikiyasand)